Screen Printing

Screen printing is a good fit for bulk orders. Our minimum run for screen printing is 30. For anything less than that visit our vinyl page. We specialize in t-shirts with plastisol inks but we also use water based inks.

Screen printing is an affordable way to advertise your business, organization, or event. When employees, clients, or anyone else is wearing a shirt displaying your brand (logo), it can catch someone's eye and direct them to you.


Screen-printing is a process that is more entailed than heat transfer vinyl to bring about the desired results of a product. It involves creating a design, then transferring that image onto a mesh screen. If the design consists of multiple colors, a screen will be prepared for each color. The screen(s) are then placed on the press and lowered onto the garment. Using a squeegee, the ink is pushed through the screen onto the garment. If multiples colors, after the first screen/color is imprinted, the second screen is lowered onto the garment and that color is imprinted. This step is repeated for each color. The shirt then passes through a dryer to cure the ink. The process is complete.